Generator Installation in Charlotte/Rock Hill Region

The Charlotte/ Rock Hill area is constantly growing. However, one of the things that plague people in this massive region is availability to a steady electricity supply. Generally, everyone has enough power to serve their home surroundings, but occasionally, there are unexpected outages. While Duke Energy does get power back eventually, you will probably be in the dark for a bit. That is unless you have a generator installed.

Types of Generators

There are two major classes of generators that are available for residential use: standby generators and portable generators.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are built to supply power to an entire house. It switches on automatically when it detects a drop in voltage to your home. In this way, it can be useful in preventing brownouts from damaging your appliances by ensuring there is always a constant supply to your home. They are typically installed at the exterior of the house. It is usually connected to the gas line or propane tank to ensure continuous operation in case of power failure. While the system is designed to power an entire house, the installation can be modified to electrify a single portion of the building. However, if that is what you need, a portable generator might be a better option.

Any appliance with a 240-volt cord should have a dedicated outlet and breaker. Fortunately, the team at Asset Electrical has the skills and experience to wire your appliance correctly the first time.

Portable Generators

Portable generators use a fuel source that is independent of the home. They usually run on kerosene or gasoline and require you to plug them into your electrical outlet or your panel. Some portable generators come with their own outlet switches that can be used to provide power directly to some appliances. They do not automatically switch on when power dips or outages happen and need to be started manually. They also need the user to monitor the fuel levels to ensure that the system remains fueled.

Why Install a Generator?

A backup generator is a bit like an insurance policy against power outages. Power outages are funny things that can take anywhere between minutes to hours to resolve. It is a loss of productivity or entertainment and something that can even damage appliances. Backup generators can be wired into your home system to power the entire house or merely a portion that you would want to remain on supply. Standby generators especially provide a safety net for appliances and can continue running for as long as you need power. Standby generators are also designed to power as much or as little as you need. If you are only interested in powering a small portion and are not that concerned about regular brownouts or outages, then a portable generator is a better idea.

Choosing the Right Charlotte Electrician

Installation of standby generators is a job for a professional. Because of the nature of electrical systems, trying to install a standby generator yourself is a risky operation. Let the professionals do it for you. With years of serving this region, Asset Electrical has skilled personnel that are dedicated to taking care of your electrical installation needs. Got a generator you need installed? Call us today!