Residential Surge Protection

A power surge can be problematic especially in certain situations. The most common source of a sudden and total house power surge is from lightning which as we all know is unpredictable at best. There are other sources for a whole house surge though and these include normal cycling from the higher powered electrical devices. For a home, these can include things like the air conditioner and the refrigerator. You may notice a slight dimming of lights or hear changes in other appliances when these things turn on and off in their normal cycles. These appliances are designed to work this way, however the cycle may damage other appliances and items.

Faulty wiring and downed power lines may also cause whole house surges as well. A downed power line can cause a surge that is so powerful that it can destroy everything in the house. In a situation like this, the homeowner hopes that the insurance policy will cover the repairs and replacement of all of his belongings but this may not always be the case. An older furnace, for instance may be exempted from the policy or only partially covered. Other items may also be excluded because of their age or because they were not properly listed.

Faulty wiring presents dangers that go beyond just a possible surge. Old wiring may not meet modern needs any longer. It may be damaged because of its age or there may have been rodent activity that would leave you with exposed wires. All of these things increase the risk of devastating home fires and should be taken care of as quickly as possible. If you are moving in to a new home, have the electrical system inspected and evaluated before you sign the papers. If you are already in your home and have lived there for ten years or more, it is time to have the electrical system inspected as well. Protecting your family from fires or electrical shocks is an important job and one that should not be taken lightly.

When you are having this inspection done is also a perfect time to have the whole house surge protector installed as well. Even if the wiring is perfectly adequate and in good working condition, go the extra mile and have the surge protector added. Your family’s peace of mind is worth it!